lists by month (Was: emtpy subject)

1997-05-26 09:39:51
Erik BERNARD wrote:
Hi all,
First of all, thank you both for mhonarc itself, which is great, and for
the mhonarc mailing list which is very helpful.
I'm very new to mhonarc (and to Perl by the way), but I think I've read all
the doc and the list archive, without finding the answers I need. I'm sure
someone could help me.

I need to manage a bunch of lists, every thing is pretty OK for the lists
themselves, but I don't know how to automatize the first HTML file, where
one could find the search engine and the list of monthly directories
(97.05, 97.04 etc.).
Mhonarc doesn't generate this file. I need this page to be generated
automatically, it's impossible for me to update it by hand.
Please help,

This came up on the list before.  Try to search the mailing list archive 

Searching for



should direct you to at least some of the messages that help you

Let us know if it does not help,

Montpellier - FRANCE

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