reverse order and large archives

1997-05-27 04:52:51

I have been using mhonarc.1xx for a long time.I splited mailling
list archives in smaller folders using a shell script before running mhonarc
on each one. 

Now mhonarc.2.0.1 is able to generate multiple index pages. Nice !!!
I woud be very pleased to use this fonctionnality, but I also need
to use the REVERSE option and to run mhonarc on very large archive
(let's say 200 mailling list archives with some of them with
10.000 messages or more and about 20 new mails every day). 

From my understanding of mhonarc, if I run mhonarc for each new incomming
message with the -add option and <REVERSE> ressource, the process will
take more and more time because he will rebuilt all the messages.

My conclusion : using a shell, I must continue splitting big archives
into small folders and run mhonarc without <IDXSIZE> limit.

 In this case, I just need to rebuilt the last small
archive, the cpu time needed for each mail is very low.

Is there a beter solution to use the nice job of mhonarc which compute
nicelly links between pages with low cpu ressources ?


PS : how can I ask mhonarc to name generated files with ".shtml" suffix
     insteed of "html".
 Serge Aumont

Serge Aumont      CRU  campus Beaulieu             Tel : 02 99 84 71 47
                  35042 Rennes Cedex               fax : 02 99 84 71 67

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