Re: Content-type and icons

1997-05-29 03:35:56

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Earl Hood wrote:

when I send a mail attachment, my mhonarc recognizes the fist
Content-Type (MULTIPART/MIXED) and only prints multipart/mixed's gif,
neglecting attachment file Content-Type and related gif.
How can I force  mhonarc only to show attachment content-type gif?

I am not sure I understand your problem.  Could you supply
an example message file?  If you have a URL to the converted
message, that will help also.


The URL is:

Excuse me,I can't speak english very well.
The problem is:
When I send a mail with attachment (for example a wav file) mhonarc
doesn't recognize wav message type ,but recognizes the messages as
multipart/mixed (shows the gif associated to multipart/mixed message
Is possible force mhonarc to show different icons for different file
attachment type?
Thanks a lot!

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