Re: Content-type and icons

1997-05-29 09:04:45
The URL is:

Excuse me,I can't speak english very well.
The problem is:
When I send a mail with attachment (for example a wav file) mhonarc
doesn't recognize wav message type ,but recognizes the messages as
multipart/mixed (shows the gif associated to multipart/mixed message

Your wav attachment is really a zip file.  Therefore, the link
is to a zip file.  MHonArc appears to being doing the right thing.
If you want a link to the wav data, the attachment to the message
has to be of the wav type and not of the zip type.

Is possible force mhonarc to show different icons for different file
attachment type?

No.  Icons are only associated with the main content-type specification
of a message.  If you want icons for links to attachments within a
message, you will need to modify the filter or write your
own filter and register it into MHonArc (see MIMEFILTERS resource for
more information).  It is an interesting request.  I may experiment
with it myself.


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