Re: Patch to handle gzipped msg*.html

1997-05-30 18:51:04
to save disk space. Here is a patch for mhonarc perl script (against 2.0.1)
to handle such a setup.
  For example, if you choose to do a 'gzip msg[0-9]*.html' in list
directory after processing income, the patched version should correctly
interpret msg*.html.gz files decompressing/compressing them if needed.
We use GNU gzip 1.2.4.

From what I see from the patch, I see nothing is done about
links.  For example, navigational links in messages point to filenames
with just a ".html" extension, and not ".html.gz".  How do the links
work?  Is your HTTP server smart enough to check for a ".gz" of a
file?  On a local file read from the client, neither Netscape or Lynx
does this.  If your HTTP server is smart, I would guess not all
HTTP servers behave this way.


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