Re: problem to set icons

1997-06-02 09:00:47
--^ Missing the "<".

in my rcfile, but when i attach a gif to my message, the icon
is not displayed.
you can try at :

there is a gif attached, but no icon.
the rest of my rcfile is well recognized.

There are 3 things:

    1.  You need to redefine index message listing resources to
        use the $ICON$, or $ICONURL$, resource variables.  See
        the ICONS resource for examples.

    2.  Your message is multipart/mixed.  Therefore, the active
        icon will be what you define for the multipart/mixed type.

    3.  Icons are not used *within* messages.  Ie. You will not
        get any icons as part of links within messages of multipart
        messages.  Currently, icons work only for the main content-type
        type of the message, and are designed for use in the index
        listings.  Note: the filter will provide icon
        support for content-types it is registered to process.


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