Re: majordmoo and MHonArc

1997-06-02 09:06:32
i would like to know if you know anyone who has your tool running with 
majordomo ??

I have CC'ed my reply to the mhonarc mailing list.  There are
people on the list that use Majordomo.

i thought about adding the  mhonarc script to my majordomo.alias file, so tha
it works just like the archive util from majordomo. well but it didn't work 

I hope list members can answer this since I have not used Majordomo.

btw. i didn't get that mime thing to work ... i am using exmh mailer .. and 
MHonARC didn't recorgnize the multipart mime attachements ... :-(

You will need to provide more specifics: the sample message used,
version of mhonarc, version of perl, how mhonarc was invoked, the
output generated by mhonarc, etc.  If messages are in proper MIME
format, mhonarc will process them.  No special options are needed.


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