Re: majordmoo and MHonArc

1997-06-03 08:51:48
btw. i didn't get that mime thing to work ... i am using exmh mailer .. an
MHonARC didn't recorgnize the multipart mime attachements ... :-(

Here's what I was using successfully with Majordomo 1.93 and 1.94 and an
earlier version of Mhonarc (looks like 1.2). Syntax may differ slightly
with later versions of Mhonarc?

ozinjury-outgoing: :include: /web/listmail/lists/ozinjury, "|
/web/listmail/wrapper digest -r -C -l ozinjury-digest
ozinjury-digest-outgoing", "| /web/listmail/wrapper -a -m -f
/web/listmail/archives/ozinjury/ozinjury" , "|/usr/local/bin/mhonarc
-add -rcfile /usr/local/lib/MHonArc/mhonarc.rc -outdir

The actual message is what is needed.  Ie. If you believe a message
in MIME format was not filtered properly, than I need to see the
message (if you have the message, send it in a way that it does
not get munged by MTA's; egs: message/rfc822 attachment, base64
attachment).  Plus, describing (or showing) what mhonarc did
to the message is helpful.

You sould also take a look at the raw message in question to
insure it is in proper MIME format with the proper mail headers.
It is possible some MTA's (or list software) messed with the


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