subject text for detecting replies

1997-06-02 11:47:51
I'm a new user (still trying it out), and I've checked the archives, but I
can't find much on using the subject-line for arranging threads.  Almost
all of the threads on my list are built using the Subject: line; very few
of the postings have a "references" line in the header.  Most of the time
it works OK; postings have a subject line of the form "[listname] subject",
and replies look like "Re: [listname] subject".  Mhonarc handles this just
fine.  However, (at least) one user formats his replies like "[listname]
subject -Reply", which Mhonarc treats as a new thread.  Anybody working on
a solution for this?  I'm sure I'm not the only one to see this...

While I'm at it, I also see the same problem when users change the subject
(i.e. [listname] newsubject (was oldsubject -Reply)).  Any hope for that?

Again, I haven't dug into Mhonarc too much yet, but I'm very impressed so
far, despite these "shortcomings".  (Or is it my subscribers that have the

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