Re: Archiving a mailing list with "Original"

1997-06-02 13:14:17
I have looked at the documentation and have not been able to find how to
create an archive using
MHonArc with a link to the original form of the message much the same way
as the MHonArc
list is archived.  Can anyone point me to the documentation I should look

You cannot find it in the documentation because MHonArc does
not provide that functionality.  Achim (maintainer of the mhonarc
list archive) has set things up himself.  If you will notice,
the link to the original message calls a CGI program.  The CGI
program is responsible for extracted the original from stored
mailboxes he keeps.  The only part mhonarc plays is Achim had
to redefine the TOPLINKS resource so he can have the "[Original]"
link show up with the other links.

Personally, I like Achim's approach better than having MHonArc directly
support the retrieval of originals.  The reason is you have the
greatest flexibility on how originals are stored (separate files,
mailbox, compressed-mailbox, database, etc).  And it is easy
to add the appriopriate link to message pages that calls the
appropriate CGI program to retrieve the original from storage.


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