Re: message keeps being added over and over

1997-06-05 10:11:45
I'm using Mhonarc to HTMLify the archives of a Smartlist mailing 
list.  I process the archived messages with a cron job:

    /usr/users/raphael/mhonarc -outdir 
          /usr/users/raphael/public_html/jain-list -add      

This usually works.  But occasionally, a particular message will get 
added to the index over and over and over, once each time the cron 
job runs.  There is at least one person whose messages 
*consistently* cause this problem.  I can't see anything that 
makes his messages different from anyone else's.

There is no message-id for the message.  Therefore, MHonArc will
not know the message is a duplicate if it still exists in the
folder it processes.

If the message came from a standard MTA, then something is seriously
wrong with the MTA since a message-id should have been added.  If
the message comes from a CGI program, or similiar type of application,
the program should define a message-id.  Otherwise, you will need
to move messages processed by MHonArc in some other location
so mhonarc processes only the new messages.


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