Re: digest to mbox

1997-06-12 09:39:55
: @dirs = readdir(DIR);

Might be good to make this
my @dirs = grep(-d, map("$dir/$_", grep(!/^\.\.?$/, readdir(DIR))));

removes . and .. from the list
removes list entries which are not directories.  I take it Kevin has no
other files in his archive directories and so doesn't need to perform these
checks, but since I keep rc files (and other stuff) there, I'd need to
build in this bit of protection.

But since we're trading `quick hacks,' I'll mention that I just use a
shell alias for this purpose:

% which mhon

mhon:    aliased to mhonarc -rcfile 
/users/asc/friedman/www/archive/!*/0-rcfile.html -outdir 
/users/asc/friedman/www/archive/!* -thread -treverse -idxfname index.html 

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