Local Date Format

1997-06-14 17:06:23
I'm using Mhonarc 2.0.0  with FreeBSD and I have a problem when using the
localdate string.  The output I get is the format dd, hh:mm:ss yy (eg. 23,
10:40:30 97).  I would like to change this format to something like ddd,
mmm dd, yyyy but have been unable to figure it aut.  In the .mhonarc file,
there is a string called LocalDateFmt.  I tried a couple of things (e.g
mm/dd/yy) for values but nothing seemed to work.  Does anyone have any
suggestions on how I may be able to get the desired date format for


Paul Wolstnholme
Paul Wolstenholme                                     (p)604.291-5114
Simon Fraser University                                 (f)604.291-5165
School of Communication

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