1997-06-17 14:57:09
Hi ...

I want to add to what follows each message that Mhonarc processes. 
Currently, this is appended:

     Prev by Date: Blah Blah 
     Next by Date: etc., etc. 
     Prev by thread: etc., etc
     Next by thread: Blah, Blah

I want to get Prev and Next by Author, as well as include Author in the 
Indexes: area. The documentation says to use <NOFOLREFS> to get rid of the 
stuff seen above, then tailor this area as I see fit. I'm not sure how to 
point to Previous or Next by Author messages, but I also don't seem to be 
able to get <NOFOLREFS> (or even -nofolrefs in the command line) to get rid 
of the lines seen above.

I was just wondering if providing support for "by author" to the same 
degree as by thread and date might be a good idea. It's been quite an 
arduous task getting my mhonarc configuration to accommodate "by author". 
Would having ATITLE and all other author-related tags not be a good idea? 
I'm glad to have AUTHSORT and what not ... it just seems like a good idea 
to have all three threads supported *easily*. 

One other thing concerning the author thing ... I'm using -title and 
-ttitle with strings that contain *variables* - of the list name and month. 
How can I provide the title for the author page in a similar manner (I 
don't want to hardcode the title in a .rc file)?

Earl - don't get me wrong. You've written a superb program ... it just 
seems odd that getting the "author functionality" seems to be rather 


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