MHonArc on Mac (was private: MHonArconMac)

1997-06-20 17:09:21
(Gavoille, I am CC to the list since other users may provide more help)

The problem is : we are working on Mac platform with MacPerl version 5

Do you have any advices to test and/or modify the program under this

(for example, the program generate absolute diectory path and
never relative) is not applicable for the Mac.

MHonArc does have code to deal with MacPerl.  The problem is that
I cannot test it (I do not have a Mac).  I based my modifications
from some patches contributed by a user (many moons ago) and the
MacPerl FAQ.

Not familiar with MacPerl, I can provide little help.  I recommend
reading the MacPerl FAQ.

Maybe someone on the MHonArc mailing list can provide further


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