Re: string 2 sgml - alone ??

1997-06-20 17:13:18
For a long time, I have been trying to find some specific tools
on the internet, to help me put my database on the net. The two are:
        * A tool that converts DOS chars to HTML codes like æ
        * A tool that will make an HTML file of a Database.

        Coming across your program MHonarc, I found the library 
function str2sgml - in other words, just what I want!

        Problem is, I only have a very basic knowledge of Perl. My question
is : 

***Is is possible to "isolate" that conversion function to make
   a "ready-to-run" perl program, somewhat like

        % convert dosfile.txt > newfile.htm
        % convert dosfile.txt newfile.htm
                - making newfile.htm

require "";
while (<>) {
    print &iso8859::str2sgml($_, "iso-8859-1");


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