Re: Default Resource Settings.

1997-06-20 17:21:20
Does anyone (Earl or otherwise) have an RC file that is the default RC settin

I don't.

I would like to use the current format but make only a few changes; this howe
requires me to acquire a knowledge of all the tags I want to change, and for 
this I must skim over all the documentation to find which tags apply. 

It would be much easier if there was a default RC file out there that I could
just grep through and just do an in-place change.

The documentation for each resource shows its default value.  It
would be more efficient (to mhonarc) to only redefine the resource
you want changed.  Otherwise, every setting will be stored in the
database since you explicitly specify everything.

You can copy-n-paste to your own resource file from the documentation,
and then make the edits you want.  BTW, you can do a grep on the
documentation to find what you need.

Note, some default settings change based upon other resource
settings.  See LISTBEGIN for an example.


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