Re: Default Resource Settings.

1997-06-18 12:09:09
I normally check lib/ to find out the defaults (with grep)
The mapping between the perl variable and resource variable is in
most cases one to one but if in doubt I check the sub replace_li_var
in lib/

This is a good start; however, all the variable listings (or most) are *blank*. 
I'm asking where are the standard values for the RC Vars stored? When I run 
MHonArc without specifying an rcfile, it outputs HTML in a default format. I 
wondering if there was an RCFILE out there or in the package (that I am not 
seeing) that would effect the same exact output as the built-in defaults in 
MHonArc (and to me it would make a great deal of sense to me for the defaults 
be stored in an RCFILE instead of being built in, anyway).

I personally learn better by example anyhow, and if I have the output in one 
window (say a Netscape), and the RCFILE in the other, I can easily make the 
association "Hey, putting this here in the RCFILE puts that there in the HTML 
Output. Neat."

So, anyone else?

Jordan Ritter
Systems Administrator
E.M.C.S., AMP Inc.
Harrisburg, PA, USA

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