Re: Default Resource Settings.

1997-06-23 13:50:47 and define the default behavior of mhonarc.

I discovered this.

I have one comment to make, though, on your suggestion of copying and pasting
directly from the file (which I did to make a default RC file). Yo
cannot do this for every resource, since some resources are conditional on 
whether certain variables are set, and are dependent on internal variables th
cannot be accessed outside of the perl code. One specific example:

I know, and I gave an example.  I did not recommend copying from
the source.  It is better to copy from the documentation.  All
the defaults are listed there.

I don't want to sound like I am bashing MHonArc, because I find the tool 
extremely useful, capable of great things and worth the effort to learn. I am
just simply trying to find an easier way to accomplish what I need to do, and
something that seems like basic functionality (such as recreating the default
with the means provided) isn't there.

If you want to see what the defaults are, then read the docs.  That
is why documentation exists.

If you want to explicitly tell MHonArc to use a default setting
for a resource, that is not available.  It is something I thought
of a long time ago, but has been low on the priority list.

MHonArc is distributed under the GNU license, so you are free to modify
it (following the guidelines of the license) to suit whatever needs you
may have.


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