Reverse indexes and mesg numbers (was private)

1997-06-23 13:37:08
I believe there is one thing that should be corrected:

When making reverse sorted index, the program should assign numbers to the
message files in reverse order as well. Otherwise the archived messages got
different numbers after each update, and the newer ones (most recent) are
marked by browser as read.

Do you think this can be corrected?

No.  Message numbers NEVER change.  Once a message is archived, the
number assigned to it never changes.  It is possible that a number may
be reused once the owner of the number is removed from the archived
(and this is only if newer processed messages are removed).

BTW, it is practically impossible to assign numbers in reverse order.
This would require that all messages get reassignments on message
numbers when new messages are added (an extremely expensive

You need to double-check things and see if your statement is really


P.S.  If you change the sorting order of an existing archive,
make sure to run mhonarc with -editidx specified to update the
entire archive with the new sort order.

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