catastrophic collapse of mhonarc. Any suggestions

1997-06-22 10:17:21
Well, I left for a 3 week vacation in Europe with my family, bringing a
laptop to tend the store, and no sooner did I get on the plane than my
crontab job started crashing in the middle of mhonarc as per the attached
message. Mhonarc 2.1 or whatever the latest release is (I'm offline in
Italy right now and can't check). Perl 5.003, FreeBSD 2.2.1. Right after it
prints this error message, it exits without doing anything else. The file
in question has not been created. The next hour's crontab job gives exactly
the same error message. All file protections are correct (I logged on as
daemon and did a "touch" of the file just to make sure, then removed it).

I've had all kinds of problems with ADD mode. I've gotten around this
problem by changing my crontab job so that it recreates the entire archive
every 3 hours rather than trying to use ADD mode. I figure I must be doing
something wrong because if everybody had this much trouble with ADD mode
then this list wouldn't be full of happy campers, but possibly my list is
bigger or more complex than many of the others. Because my list gets about
30 messages per hour I do not run mhonarc -add for each incoming message,
but rather batch the incoming messages and run it once per hour pointed at
the entire directory of new messages. I have in the past had no problems
with as many as 300 new messages being processed with one "mhonarc -add",
though this one started happening with about 20. (Each new crontab job of
course had more, because it didn't process any of these so it needed to try

Brian Reid
Amalfi, Italy (but usually Palo Alto, California)

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