Re: Splitting odd archives?

1997-06-22 10:15:09
Is the ">" part of your preprocessor?

Nope - where did you get that from? Here's my original message (is your
mailer adding that?)

The > in front of the F could have been added anywhere in the mail stream.
Orginating MUA, any MTA's involved, or the final reader.  Most likely it
was the delivering MTA.

Many mail readers (ie, old /bin/mail and /usr/ucb/mail) determine the first
line of a mail message by looking for a line that begins with "From".  So,
to prevent mail content from being interpreted as the start of a mail
message, any lines in the body of a mail message that starts with "F" is
escaped so it starts with ">F".  It's a mechanism that has been around for
probably as long as sendmail.

This is, of course, a holdover from the days before the Content-Length:
header field.

One eventually learns to read ">F" as "F"  ;->


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