Re: Default Resource Settings.

1997-06-18 10:35:51
Jordan Ritter wrote:
Does anyone (Earl or otherwise) have an RC file that is the default RC 

I would like to use the current format but make only a few changes; this 
requires me to acquire a knowledge of all the tags I want to change, and for 
this I must skim over all the documentation to find which tags apply. 

It would be much easier if there was a default RC file out there that I 
just grep through and just do an in-place change.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

I normally check lib/ to find out the defaults (with grep)
The mapping between the perl variable and resource variable is in
most cases one to one but if in doubt I check the sub replace_li_var
in lib/

grep is your friend :-)

Jordan Ritter
Systems Administrator
E.M.C.S., AMP Inc.
Harrisburg, PA, USA

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