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1997-06-30 05:18:51

 I run mhonarc 2.0.1 on linux and perl version 5.003. Each mhonarc
process run with the -add option. The 3 first step add one by one 3 mails
and everythink is all right but then, mhonarc always finish with the
message "No new messages" and the archive don't grow anymore.
Anyone can help me ?

Is there any of you who install a filter to convert word document into
html mhonarc archive (even usiong commercial product but running on
unix machin)?

In addition how to reconize word document when the Mime Content-Type value
is application/octet-stream; ?

Serge Aumont      CRU  campus Beaulieu             Tel : 02 99 84 71 47
                  35042 Rennes Cedex               fax : 02 99 84 71 67

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