1997-06-30 16:08:39
Below is a FAQ from the web page.  I want to build a storage archive which
allow me to archive old messages.  I believe that this is telling me that
I can do just that, but I believe that I still need to write a perl script
1) store msg of a particular age in an archive,
2) delete the msg in its respective html index pages.

Does MHonArc require that the original message be available when
updating an archive?

No. Once a message is archived, the original can be stored away. MHonArc
preserves all
relevant information in its database. For possible recovering purposes, it
is recommended to
preserve original messages in a storage archive. This allows you to
rebuild MHonArc
archives in case of data corruption. 

My questions:
do I have to write a new perl script.
Is  this bit  of information usful to me at all.

                                Lots of Thanks

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