Re: Converting from mbox to mha folder -- How?

1997-06-30 15:39:10
Thought I'd share what I learned after posting this request for help 
last week.

I was using procmail to forward messages from certain mailing lists 
to specific mail repositories, and it turns out that procmail can 
forward and save messages in (at least) three different ways, 
depending on how one has set it up:

1.  Append to a file (the old "-mbox" alternative with MHonArc)
2.  Write individual messages to a directory, with each message 
having a unique file name (but not MH filenames)
3.  Write individual messages to a directory in MH format (numbered 

I was set up to forward in mode 2) above, which I had (mistakenly) 
thought was MH format.  (Thanks, Earl, for setting me straight.)  
However, I just need to setup procmail for mode 1) above and I'll be 
able to transition to the new ISP painlessly.

I'm sure all you procmail afficianados already know this, but for 
other neophytes like me, I hope this helps.

Jerry Werner

P.S.  Here's further information from the procmailrc man page:

Anything else will be taken as a mailbox  name  (either  a       
       filename  or a directory, absolute or relative to the current
       directory (see MAILDIR)).  If it is a  (possibly  yet
       nonexistent) filename, the mail will be appended to it.

       If  it  is  a  directory,  the mail will be delivered to a
       newly created, guaranteed to be unique file named $MSGPRE- FIX*
        in  the  specified directory.  If the directory name ends in
       "/.", then this directory is presumed to be an  MH folder; 
       i.e.  procmail  will use the next number it finds available. 
       When procmail is  delivering  to  directories, you  can specify
       multiple directories to deliver to (procmail will do so
       utilising hardlinks).

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