Re: Converting from mbox to mha folder -- How?

1997-06-28 14:19:21
to follow up on what itsol(_at_)io(_dot_)com said:

I'd like to transfer the respective mbox files to my 
new ISP, invoke MHonArc at the new site to create the full message 
list, and then have new messages (MH folder style) added to the 
archive as they arrive.

Is such a transition possible?  Can I start with a base of messages 
that are mbox style and then add new messages in MH style?  (In 
particular, will this confuse the .mhonarc.db file?)

[I speak as a fool.]

Should not take any special processing.

If I understand how it works, what MHonArc expects as its input
depends on what you point it at from which to take its input.
When you give it the filespec of a file, it expects and mbox.
When you give it the filespec of a directory, it expects an MH
folder.  You will have to use different command lines for the two

        - add an mbox of old messages

        - increment from an MH folder

but the first kind of command line you want to run once per mbox
file to establish the archive and the other you want to run
repeatedly to keep it current.

I think that the database in the archive knows about what is
in the archive but does not interfere with your ability to
designate a source of input on the command line.

Al Gilman

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