Converting from mbox to mha folder -- How?

1997-06-28 13:18:12
I'm moving my web site to a new ISP, and would like to keep several 
MHonArc archives going within skipping a beat.  The problem is that 
at my old ISP, mail is archived in a mailbox file, while at 
my new ISP it's kept in what I presume are MH mail folders.  (The 
folder contains multiple files for each message, named like 

I'd like to transfer the respective mbox files to my 
new ISP, invoke MHonArc at the new site to create the full message 
list, and then have new messages (MH folder style) added to the 
archive as they arrive.

Is such a transition possible?  Can I start with a base of messages 
that are mbox style and then add new messages in MH style?  (In 
particular, will this confuse the .mhonarc.db file?)

Alternatively, is there any way to convert a mbox file to an MH 
archive in some kind of batch process?

Thanks for any and all help and advice.

Jerry Werner

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