Problem with Thread Index

1997-07-01 08:57:53
I'm in the process of converting over from MHonArc 1.2 to the latest 
version 2.1.  Although my old rc file works OK, of course I've had to 
tweak it for the changes and improvements in MHonArc.

However, I am unable to remove the first reference in my thread index 
that lists a continued message (see below).  I've put blank versions 
of TContBegin and TConEnd in the rc file, to no avail.

Perhaps as another hint, as you can see, the unordered list markup 
is out of sync, too (there's no <ul> before the continued message, 
and a blank <ul></ul> pair following it).

<LI><A HREF="maillist.html">Messages Sorted by Date</A></LI>
<LI><STRONG>Re: how to add a new line or backspace some line</STRONG>,
<EM>(continued)</EM> <UL> </UL> </LI>

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks for all help and advice.

Jerry Werner

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