Re: Problem with Thread Index

1997-07-01 11:55:54
However, I am unable to remove the first reference in my thread index 
that lists a continued message (see below).  I've put blank versions 
of TContBegin and TConEnd in the rc file, to no avail.

Note, when defining a resource as "blank" make sure the resource
settings contains an empty line.  For example:





will cause MHonArc to use the default setting.  BTW, it is a way
to reset many resources to their default values.

Perhaps as another hint, as you can see, the unordered list markup 
is out of sync, too (there's no <ul> before the continued message, 
and a blank <ul></ul> pair following it).

<LI><A HREF="maillist.html">Messages Sorted by Date</A></LI>
<LI><STRONG>Re: how to add a new line or backspace some line</STRONG>,
<EM>(continued)</EM> <UL> </UL> </LI>

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?

Can you provide a URL to your page and some sample data that
causes the problem?


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