Problem with marc-search.4.2 and MHonArc2.1

1997-07-03 15:20:07

I'm using Eric's marc-search.4.2 for our mailarchive.
After updating from MHonArc2.0.1 to MHonArc2.1 the hyperlinks
to the messages of marc-search's results disappeared.
So I compared the messages from the two versions and found
out that there is a new comment line in v2.1.0. It looks like

<!-- MHonArc v2.1.0 -->

I found the print lines in the mhonarc script and comment them.
Now marc-search works fine. I think it is not the right way.
Any other ideas ?

Thanks, Ender

Heinrich-Hertz-Institut fuer Nachrichtentechnik Berlin GmbH
Einsteinufer 37
D-10587 Berlin
Telefon +49-30-31002-379
E-mail oezguer(_at_)hhi(_dot_)de

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