Re: Removing large numbers of messages from an archive?

1997-07-11 14:28:54
mhonarc -rmm for each message number would take days to type. Is
it possible to use wildcards, or even better a range of message
numbers? ie, "mhonarc -rmm 1000-3000"? (I tried this, but it failed
with "Nonexistant message number").

for ($i=1000, @n=(); $i <= 3000; $i++) { push @n, $i; }
system "mhonarc", "-rmm", @n;


package MyPack;
@ARGV = ("-rmm");
for ($i=1000; $i <= 3000; $i++) { push @ARGV, $i; }
package main;
require "/install/path/to/mhonarc";


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