Removing large numbers of messages from an archive?

1997-07-11 13:07:35
Hello all,

I just returned from a two week vacation, only to discover that
one of my archives had gone mad. :| For some reason, at some point
Mhonarc had refused to give up a previous lock, and then fixed itself
some time afterwards.  This resulted in several thousand
"Output from cron job" messages being added to the archive! Is there
an easy way to remove large numbers of messages from the archive?

mhonarc -rmm for each message number would take days to type. Is
it possible to use wildcards, or even better a range of message
numbers? ie, "mhonarc -rmm 1000-3000"? (I tried this, but it failed
with "Nonexistant message number").

Yours hopefully,

PS - I'm running MHonarc v2.0.0 beta 3.

Nick Silberstein   | Technical Team
Fusion Interactive | Seattle Office
206.284.1800 x 206 |

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