Re: Using MHonArc with Netscape Communicator mail

1997-07-28 15:05:59
I've installed MHonArc on my Unix mail- and web-server as a way of
archiving my research group's html-rich e-mail, which we produce with
Netscape Communicator. Everything is working as it should. The problem
I'm having is that MHonArc is really designed to convert regular text to
HTML, not to take HTML-formatted e-mail and re-convert it.

I think what you are talking about is multipart/related data (providing
a sample would help).  MHonArc does not handle multipart/related, or
messages that relate one part to another.  In your case, the images
are made as attachments, but are related back to the HTML source
using content-ids in IMG elements (or something to that effect).

I know there was a document awhile back talking about the tranmission
of HTML documents in e-mail.  Do you, or anyone, have a URL to it?
I figured it had not been standardized yet (I know, that normally does
not stop Netscape).

When I pass
it Netscape's HTML-formatted message, it actually does pretty well, but
it places above each image a blank frame the size of the image. This is
an annoyance. Netscape allows sending the message in plain txt, which
works if you send the the images as attachments. The small problem here
is that the images are no longer formatted as you would like them --
they're all placed at the bottom together, which limits to a degree how
beautiful or informative the page can be. Is MHonArc simply not advanced
enough yet to deal with HTML-rich e-mail? Any help is greatly
appreciated.  Dan Colbert

The current version of MHonArc is not suited well for processing that
requires the ability to relate parts of a multipart message.  I hope to
remedy that when I do the rewrite in Perl 5.  However, since I have
been extremely busy with work related to getting a paycheck, progress
is very slow.  I still have not gotten around to the astounding issues
with the current release.


P.S.  You can always register your own multipart/related filter to
provide the support you need.  MHonArc allows you to completely
overwrite all filters.  See the MIMEFILTERS resource for more

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