RE: mhonarc 2.1 - not creating threads.html

1997-07-29 07:06:28
On Monday, July 28, 1997 8:21 PM, Robert McArthur 
[SMTP:mcarthur(_at_)fit(_dot_)qut(_dot_)edu(_dot_)au] wrote:
Using mhonarc 2.1 under Win95, it creates the msg HTMLs and the 
but hangs when creating the threads.html.  Any ideas?  The other files 
all created correctly...

Robert McArthur

PS. In case it helps with Win95 directory sizes, there are 1770 messages 
in the

As usual under Win95 or DOS, it helps to specify which Perl intepreter in 
which version is being used.  NTPerl has worked very well for me under '95.

If the output is to a subdirectory, as opposed to a root directory, there 
is no particular limit to the number of files in the subdirectory.  (In 
FAT32 file systems there is no limit in root directories either.)

One possibility ...

MHonArc can consume a lot of memory when working with a large volume 
(number X average size) of messages.  How's the free space on the drive 
containing your Win95 swap file?

-- SP

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