Scoping Out a Simple Administrative Tool

1997-07-30 09:01:54
I'd like to build (or adapt, if anyone has one) a simple 
administrative tool for MHonArc that would let me permanently remove 
specific email messages from the source message archive and then 
re-invoke MHonArc, all from my web browser.  I'll be doing this 
with mh-style mail messages, where each message is in a unique file.

Some specific questions:

1.  Is there any way to tell, from message numbering that comes from 
MhonArc, what the corresponding mh file is that I may want to delete? 
If not, would it make sense to carry this information along in the 
message as a comment or hidden field?

2.  When I remove messages in the middle of a set of mh messages, 
does the mh-file-creation system re-fill that message number?

3.  A related question -- how do I keep the mh file numbering from 
getting out of hand for popular mail archives?  (e.g., I wouldn't 
want to have messages like 98098070, 98098071, etc.)  Does the 
numbering just progress numerically, or is there any kind of "back 
fill" built in?

I'd appreciate any ideas and advice in creating such a simple tool.  

Jerry Werner

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