Re: mhonarc breaking up messages in the middle?

1997-08-27 17:39:35
At 04:12 PM 8/27/97 -0500, Todd wrote:

I have recently seen some flakey behavior, however.  One message in my
mailbox file keeps getting split in the middle for no apparent

Then quoted the offending mailbox:

From nobody Mon Aug 18 09:42:23 1997
Sender: tdh(_at_)enteract(_dot_)com
Subject: USAV Rule Changes for 1997-98
From: Todd <tdh(_at_)io(_dot_)com>
Date: 18 Aug 1997 09:42:20 -0500
Message-ID: <wgshgcneenn(_dot_)fsf(_at_)enteract(_dot_)com>
Organization: Not likely
X-Newsreader: Gnus v5.3/Emacs 19.34
Lines: 73
Xref: sent-to-rsv:19
X-Gnus-Article-Number: 19   Mon Aug 18 09:42:23 1997

From the 1997-98 rule books.  The prose in the outdoor rule book


I betchya it gets broken right before here.  MHonArc defaults to breaking
mboxes into messages using lines that begin with the string "From " (that's
one space after the m).  (That's an unfortunate standard that MHonArc
inherited from someone else.)

The cure is to invent a Perl regular expression that matches only the
separator lines in mailboxes that you're using.  Override MHonArc's default
by setting the environment variable M2H_MSGSEP to the new expression or
assigning the new value on the MHonArc command line with -msgsep .

Do a grep "^From " on your mailboxes to find out what the default regexp is

Something like "^From nobody .* 19[0-9][0-9]$" would match a slightly
generalized version of the first separator line in your example but not the
one line in the message body.

-- SP

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