Mega$Nets--Ultimate Home Business

1997-09-04 05:05:51
Mega$Nets!!!  Whether You Are Already In Business For Yourself Or Not,  This 
Exciting New Business, Is By Far, The Easiest One You'll Ever Do!!  Mega$Nets
is a easy-to-use, yet sophisticated software program to help the average person
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Mega$Nets is a software program that makes you  nothing but money. In Mega$Nets
YOU are the owner of your own company...YOU are in charge of the MONEY! Once
you own it, you always own it, and you can sell as much as you please.  Look at 
NOW before your closest friend shows it you, because they will be showing it to
you!!!  I GUARANTEE you have never seen anything as powerful... and filled 
with more benefits.   To get more  details about this exciting opportunity, 
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