Date range for archived messages

1997-09-05 14:45:05
I have recently started using MHonArc for a mailing list that I
maintain.  I used to use HyperMail but MHonArc gives me much more
flexibility.  However there is one feature that I have not been able to
find and am wondering if anyone has added any code to mhonarc to enable
the following:
    I use a multi-page format and sort the messages in reverse
    chronological order.  I would like to include (probably in
    LISTBEGIN) the date of the earliest message and the date of the last
    messsage on the given index page.  I realize that I could include
    the date of each message but I would prefer to have the date range.
    Have I just not looked hard enough?

Wojciech Komornicki                                Dept of Mathematics
wnk(_at_)piper(_dot_)hamline(_dot_)edu                               Hamline 
University                         St Paul, MN 55104

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