Re: Date range for archived messages

1997-09-05 20:57:49
    I use a multi-page format and sort the messages in reverse
    chronological order.  I would like to include (probably in
    LISTBEGIN) the date of the earliest message and the date of the last
    messsage on the given index page.  I realize that I could include
    the date of each message but I would prefer to have the date range.
    Have I just not looked hard enough?

It is not available "out-of-the-box".  However, it is possible if you
modify/hack the code.  Multipage indexes add a little bit of
complexity.  Basically, mhonarc creates a sorted list of the messages.
Once could add resources to perform access to first and last message
information.  Unfortunately, the way mhonarc is coded, adding what you
want may require changes to function interfaces and/or usage of
dynamically scoped variables within function calls to access
appropriate information.  The work is not difficult, but can be a

I'll look into it (there other pending bug fixes) but my time has
been very limited recently, so I am not sure when I can put some
time into fixing/updated mhonarc.


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