Re: list and archive startup transient

1997-09-11 13:35:23
1.  I can't believe that you are going to start a new list
without sending a test message over the list server.  Let
procmail put this message in a mail folder and start the archive
with that message (invoke MHonArc manually).  

I start a new MHonArc archive each month, from the same list.  So I 
certainly don't want to have to send a test message each month.

My list (see gets handled via a 
combination of procmail and cron.  Each message gets archived into a 
file.  Every hour, that file is added to the archive (it's a fairly high 
volume list, so all of the processing for each message was too much 
overhead for my ISP).

Each month, the list rolls over to a new archive (very much like 
starting a new list).  I create the directory, and update the symlink 
that always points to the current month.  Once this is done, the next 
time the hourly update happens, it's a new list archive.

MHonArc deals with this very nicely, and creates the archive if -add is 
specified and no archive exists.  

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