Elaboration on earlier request

1997-09-11 11:11:40
Sorry for not making myself very clear in my first post.  I'm using
procmail in combination with mhonarc to provide html archiving of messages
sent to my listserve mailing lists.  To add a message sent to a list to
it's appropriate html archive I add a procmail filter to the list which
pipes the messages through a "mhonarc -outdir /xxx/yyy/zzz -add" command. 
This works fine as long as there is already an archive to append the
messages to. 

My problem involves the creation of new mailing lists.  Since the list is
new nobody has sent any messages to it.  But when the first person does
send a message I want that message added to the appropriate html archive. 
Well, since the archive doesn't exist yet I can't add messages to it using
"mhonarc -add".  So my question is how can I create empty html archives
into which my procmail filters can pipe their messages when people finally
start sending mail to the new lists?  I hope my question made sense this


- Mark

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