Re: changing the name of default file

1997-09-11 14:31:59
Monika Adamczyk wrote:

I just installed the mhonarc on Solaris 2.5 and started exploring
Resources file. However I have one urgent thing I need to solve as
soon as possible.
We used in the past hypermail for mail archiving. The name of the
default file was index.html, which in fact meant that if one pointed
browser to /web.address/archives/listname/ - the main index would
show up. We have a number of scripts which relay on this url and I
rewriting them would be time consuming.
Since Mhonarc is using maillist.html as default name I wonder if it
is possible to change the default name to something else when calling
the program and how it can be done? The only way I can do think of
right now is creating the symlinks by hand ( but there is a lot of
lists on our server) and then add them when a new list is added, but
it is easy to forget to do it.

Command line (see mhonarc -help)

  -idxfname <name>      : Name of index page

Resouruce file




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