Re: Explicit follow-ups/reference markup

1997-09-11 16:26:48
I have seen MHonArc maintained archives where the message pages contain
links to the follow-up and "in reference to" messages.

I have been trying in vain to get them to appear in *my* MHonArc
You can check it out at

I have *explicitly* turned ON the FOLREFS resource, but the mark-up
never appears in my archive.

The meaning of "explicit, or direct, follow-ups/references" is that the
messages contain contain References: or In-reply-to: fields.  It
appears that all the "follow-ups" listed in the thread index are based
upon Subject:  text and not References or In-reply-to fields (check the
HTML source for you thread pages and you will see the
"<!-- Possible Follow-ups -->" comment).  FOLREFS only deals with
References or In-reply-to fields and not Subject fields.


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