Re: Frames in Message Pages

1997-10-09 17:06:59
I've looked through the documentation for MHonArc but haven't found an answer
(I'm a newbie using v2.1) - can modifications to the message page be made usi
a resource file or does the code generating the message page need to be 
modified?  Specifically, I have multimedia content in my mail that I'd like t
display in a framed window - a list of the mutimedia content types in the 
message in one frame and playback/viewing of a selected multimedia item in th
other frame.  So, can I add frames to the message page through a resource fil
or does the code need to be modified?

You can do frames (an example resource file exists in the examples
forward of the distribution), but you may not be able to do exactly
what you want.  It would require a modification to the
filter to include the "TARGET" attribute in the links it makes
to external files to have an attachment viewed/played in another

The other issue is you cannot create a frame just containing a list
of attachments to a message, separate from a message page, w/o
code modification.  Any links to attachments are part of the message
text itself.


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