bug (or feature) is-a feature

1997-10-17 10:03:19
to follow up on what Dr. Luis Mandel said:

I've noted that the configuration of MSGBODYEND has different semantics
if it is written




In the first case the MSGBODYEND semantics is as the default, i.e. <HR>
while in the second case is empty (as I wanted).

I forget where this is documented, but it's a feature.  A
mnemonic for this behavior is to say that the first form is
processed as a null directive (no statement regarding MSGBODYEND)
whereas the second is processed as a directive directing the
MHonArc processor to insert (a piece of "null HTML") in the
message page.

I believe that this is a general rule; to override the default
you must have something, not a null string, in the content of the
resource definition.  The newlines setting off the tags are part
of the resource definition infrastructure, not content.

-- Al Gilman

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