mhonarc Locktries

1997-10-17 10:47:12
I've discovered that if I send 5 messages to mhonarc at the same time
that only 1 to 3 make it into the archive. The others go into the 
"bit bucket". This of course, is due to the fact that the .mhonarc.lck
file is not available within the default of 10 LOCKTRIES.

Therefore I will be changing LOCKTRIES from 10 to 100.

My questions are:
 1. Are there dangers with changing LOCKTRIES from 10 to 100?
    (Other than that I may have a few more processes hanging around
     a little longer)

 2. Why is the default value for LOCKTRIES set to 10?
    This seems like a small number when looking at the 
    problem I've described above.


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