Re: mhonarc Locktries

1997-10-18 00:44:05
At 9:53 AM -0700 10/17/97, Earl Hood wrote:
My questions are:

 1. Are there dangers with changing LOCKTRIES from 10 to 100?
    (Other than that I may have a few more processes hanging around
     a little longer)

Should be no dangers.  Processes will hang around longer if
the process that had lock terminated abnormally and the lock
directory was not deleted.

I've had to do this on one of my list archives, simply because the
posting pattern for it is that it gets 15-35 messages a day, but they
all get sent to the server in one burst when the moderator finishes
getting them ready. So I was having timeout deaths. Upping the values
hurt nothing....

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