Suppresion of "Warning: Could not parse date for message" warning?

1997-10-20 08:43:54
In our previous episode, Glenn Fieldus wrote:
Hello All,

Is there any way to suppress the informational warning "Warning: Could =
not parse date for=20
message" when mhonarc is run?

I know about the -quiet resource which suppressess informational =
diagnostics, but is there a=20
similar resource for warnings? Actually, what I would really like to do =
is be able to suppress=20
the above warning, without suppressing all other warnings.

Sorry if this has been covered before, but I cannot find any reference =
to it in the doco, or in=20
the FAQ on Earl's Website.


Check out your source mail file--I'd be willing to bet that mhonarc is
picking up a header that it thinks is a From: header and finding no
corresponding date header.  I got these warnings (along with split
messages) when I processed mail that had a paragraph that began with
the word From.

By default Mhonarc, is pretty liberal about choosing lines that it
thinks are From headers.  There is a way to restrict this, though--see
the FAQ regarding split messages and From: headers for more info.


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