finding problem messages (WAS: Suppresion of "Warning: Could not parse date for message")

1997-10-23 21:40:24
On Monday, Oct 20th 1997, Bill Silvert wrote:

I've run into this myself, and have not found a way to get MHonArc to
tell me more precisely where the problem arises. I've looked at files
that generate these error messages, and although some are mis-identified
From headers (hey, look where "From" ended up!), some are really
improperly formatted Date: lines which I would like to fix. Is there an
easy way to get MHonArc to print out the problem line so that it can be
searched for and corrected?

I either missed any replies, or there weren't any, so I'm just writing again to:

1) say thanks for the replies to my original question.
   I will check out the FAQ on dealing with split messages, and,

2) ask again on Bill and my behalf whether there is any way of getting MhonArc 
   print out the problem line(s) so that they can be searched for and corrected?

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